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Potty Racers 1

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Potty Racers is absolutely an exceptional online game that requires you have to do all the crazy things to become a hero. Being daring and speeding are the secrets are when playing these games. You have to set the idiotic characters to their full speed on different wheeled and engine powered objects. The game is a series with many levels where you have to achieve different objectives. It starts with the racing potty to the angry penguin flight. The potty have wheels and an engine and is set on a stunt ride. High speeds and jumps makes you earn more points that are used for upgrading your vehicle. The wheeled objects are upgraded with nitro and wings that sets them flying. You have to do all the tricks that you are required for you to earn more points before landing. While on the crazy cruise around the world you have to collect the missing stars, gold and diamonds so as to earn more points for more fascinating upgrades. To get a high score, you have to be at the highest speed, jump high, perform more tricks and ride for the longest possible distances. This game is a real fun for the adventurous and mischievous gamers. For you to enjoy playing Potty Racers games you have to be online. The game can be played on any device that has an internet connection. As the game is designed for full fun and heroism, it is suitable for both adults and kids. Kids can increase their abilities in fast thinking as action and creativity are combined when making the crazy jumps and tricks. Kids also love it as it has cartoon characters that may be their favorite. This makes it more exiting! The game can be played online in free on our website. Fun combined with creative thinking is enough to give any one a happy moment. This is what Potty Racers is all about. Go online today and engage yourself in the must play game and you will definitely get entertained!